The Story

Our Founders started as undergrads at Washington University in St. Louis, they purchased a storage and shipping business called UTrucking to help students move in and out on their campus. Running a business full time while in college was definitely tough at times, but they also knew they had promises to keep to every customer who chose their service. This is what kept them pushing forward, and before long, a true passion for entrepreneurship, logistics and the college market was born.  

During their time at WashU they helped over 5,000 college students move their stuff, went to a few classes, made some amazing friends, and had the experience of a lifetime. So when they graduated and sold that business on to other WashU students, they knew they had to share the experience. College Truckers started in late 2014, providing students across the country the opportunity to start, manage, and grow their own branch of College Truckers on their campus.

We offer a stress-free move for students around the country, and we do this by offering the most customer-centric storage, shipping, and moving service in the market. We've now served thousands of happy customers across the country under the College Truckers flag, and promise to always run our business the right way––by building honest relationships with our customers and taking care of their belongings as if they are our own.


Meet The Founders


Max Schoenfeld

Max is a proud Evanston, Illinois native & Washington University in St. Louis alum who has five years of experience as the CEO of a storage and shipping businesses. Max loves interacting with people, stopping fellow New Yorkers on the street to pet their dogs, and exploring exotic food in the diverse neighborhoods of Queens and Brooklyn––usually with Jacob. He's our leader, and the head of the College Truckers team.


Jacob Goodman

Jacob is a proud New Yorker and loves working on a team. He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with Max, and has experience operating and scaling businesses. Besides running College Truckers, Jacob has scaled a national custom apparel business call Fresh Prints. In his spare time he loves exploring authentic omakase style sushi restaurants, and has watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi over 20 times.

Meet College Truckers HQ

Melanie Goodfriend

13606547_10154231119040242_606467117609196618_n 2.jpg

Melanie is from New York, and is the Operations Manager at CT. She graduated from the University of Maryland and loves her Terps! She has a Google-it mentality and loves finding the hottest new app and subscription service. She loves eating dim sum and orders Thai food at least once a week. Traveling is very important to her, she has already traveled to more than 10 countries.

The Vanderbilt Team

About us

Cavan Briody: Cavan is a Junior from Ridgefield, Connecticut majoring in Economics and Computer Science. Cavan brings operational and logistical know-how to the team and is always searching for ways to drive efficiency. As the token red-head of the team, he is responsible for bringing the fiiiiiiire. 

Oliver Chernyk: Oliver, a sophomore from New York City, is majoring in economics and history. A self-proclaimed fantasy football “guru,” Oliver loves to backpack across the world telling tales about that one time he drafted Kareem Hunt. When Oliver’s not analyzing sabermetrics, he prides himself on his trilingual ability and his second-to-none customer service. 

Harrison Bond: Harrison is a junior from New Orleans majoring in Economics. His love for relationship building fuels the energy he brings to building the College Truckers Vanderbilt employee team. With the body of a punter and the attitude of a linebacker, Harrison drives the team to deliver value to Vanderbilt's customers.

The Colgate Team

About us


Tycen Better: Tycen is a junior from San Rafael, California. As our resident West-Coaster, Tycen brings an unbeatable combination of positive energy and business savvy to the College Truckers table. During season, Tycen can be found managing the Colgate operations with an incredible attention to detail and a tireless work ethic. 

Jake Schwartz: Jake is a Sophomore Economics major and he's from Bethesda, Maryland. He is an avid Redskins fan and loves to do efficient and meaningful work, like doing everything he can to make sure College Truckers has a significant presence on the Colgate campus.

Collin Shen-Li Young: Collin is a sophomore majoring in economics from Hong Kong. As a philosophy and history fan from Asia, he applies his worldview and critical thinking to help expand College truckers' influence across campus and improve operations efficiency.

The Syracuse Team

About Dylan

Dylan Poler: Dylan is a junior and a proud Miami native. He's still not sure how he ended up going to school in one of the coldest places in America, but is certainly making the most of it. Dylan is a visionary businessman, and never accepts things as they are – the mark of a true entrepreneur. He drives us forward every day, and is committed to building the strongest brand possible. 

The Elon Team

About us

Robbie Labriola: Robbie is a sophomore Finance major from Katonah, New York. He loves to travel all around Europe and is definitely a fan of the warm weather Elon brings in comparison to back home. Robbie brings a lot of passion and excitement to our Elon team, and will not hesitate to show it off. 

Carson Fawzi: Carson is a Finance and Economics major from Raleigh, North Carolina. While Carson still does not know how to do laundry, he does know a thing or two about starting a company and running with it. Carson values the customer experience above all else, and and operates under two rules: 1) The customer is always right, and 2) If the customer is wrong, refer back to rule #1.

Peter "PJ" Collins: P.J. Collins is a junior majoring in Media Analytics and Strategic Communications. He’s an avid podcast listener, rap music enthusiast, proud left-hander, and an Eagle Scout. He spends most of his free time trying to distance himself from the image of the stereotypical “preppy college student from Connecticut,” and spends the majority of his paycheck on Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee.

Sam Jabbour:  Sam is a Finance and Management major in his third year at Elon. Originally born in Canada, Sam now lives in Jacksonville, Florida and is a proud Jaguars fan – a title he shares with very few other people. He loves operations and finding the most efficient ways of getting things done. Sam's goal for College Truckers at Elon is to make it "the thing to do" he plans on completing this by constantly improving and building relationships.

The Rochester Rockstar

About us

Jericho Cervantes:  Jericho is a sophomore from nearby Naples, NY who attends the University of Rochester. He spends his spare time traveling wherever he can, as well as racing downhill mountain bikes. He prides himself in undertaking challenging tasks and finding ways to conquer them. He is tactfully in charge of operations and administrative relations. 

John Carr: John Carr is an Economics major at the University of Rochester, who live just outside of Boston, in Brookline Massachusetts. John Loves snowboarding, golf, soccer, outdoors activity, traveling, and entrepreneurship. He is also an individual winner of the Simon Scholars Business Competition at Simons School of Business, a winner of Dean's Scholarship, and a Bay State All-Star for Golf. 

The Texas Christian University Team

About us

Brent Schatz:  Brent is a junior from Agoura Hills, California He's a proud member of Lambda Chi Alpha, and when he's not lifting boxes, he likes to spend his free time mountain biking, snowboarding and playing basketball. He runs the operations at TCU, and can't wait to see College Truckers change the move-out game in Fort Worth. 

Drew Williams:  Drew is a junior from Orange County, California. He hopes to make College Truckers the go-to option for TCU students from outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and is excited to be managing the sales side of things for the company. When he's not working or studying, you can find him laying on the beach or hitting the ski slopes. 

Ben Steele:  Ben is a junior pre-business major from Minnetonka, Minnesota. When he's not tirelessly working on homework in the library he can be found working out at the TCU rec center or outside enjoying the warm Texas weather. He is passionate and enthusiastic about his work and can't wait to use his strong work ethic and creativity to establish a strong presence on the TCU campus.

The Wake Forest University Team

About us

Lara Heckman: Lara is a sophomore communications major from Nazareth, Pennsylvania. When she's not obsessively watching the Office, she's sweating in hot yoga, going for runs around Winston-Salem, and overdosing on sushi. She's excited to head our marketing charge at Wake, and she won't rest until every student is introduced to the top college moving company around.

Andrew Cave: Andrew is a freshmen Health and Exercise Science major from Mount Airy, North Carolina. Andrew hopes to make College Truckers the go-to moving service at Wake, and is excited to be spearheading Operations for the company. When he's not doing homework or studying, you can find him in the Sutton center shooting hoops. He is a passionate worker and an enthusiastic leader. He is looking forward to working with the College Truckers team and establishing a strong presence at the Wake campus. 

Noah Soofer: Noah is a finance major from Los Angeles, California. When he's not scooting around Farrell in his UGG slippers he's searching for the best new restaurants in Winston-Salem. While he does not possess the necessary balance to skate and surf with his LA brethren, he still spends most of his time on the beach with friends. He's taking the lead on sales this year at Wake, so watch out he's coming for you!

The University of North Carolina Team

About Christian

Christian Towner: Christian is a freshmen from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He is passionate about the great outdoors, and dogs of all shapes and sizes. He is a Business major, but he also loves science. Christian prides himself on his work ethic, and is excited to establish the College Truckers brand at UNC.

University of Colorado Boulder

About Aidan

Aidan Wheeler: Aidan is a sophomore Finance major from Bedford, New Hampshire. He loves to spend his time outdoors either golfing or skiing, which is why he was drawn to the Boulder campus. The love he has for Boston sports teams creates special bonds between him and fellow New Englanders. A lot of his friends know him as a "handy man", always fixing problems and coming up with creative solutions.