Bates College Summer Storage and Shipping

Here's our answer to your stress free move-out: College Truckers of Bates College is run by Bates College Students. A team of your fellow classmates will deliver boxes for packing, come straight to your door to pick up all of your belongings and store everything in a local climate controlled unit. Items you need sent home will be shipped for you. When you come back to school at the end of the summer or fall, the same great team of Bates College students will simply re-deliver all of your storage to your new address.

Meet our Bates College Partner


Osceola  Heard

Osceola is a firsty year from New
Jersey planing on studying biochemistry 
at Bates. He attended high school at 
Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. Osceola is 
on the Bates Diving team and the Bates 
Track and Field team. He enjoys dancing, 
biking, playing cards, reading, 
and hanging out with friends.

Bates College Dieter Villegas 2.jpeg

Dieter Villegas

Dieter is a First-Year from Mexico City planning to study mechanical engineering. He went to high school at Lake Forest Academy, north shore of Chicago. Dieter is on the Bates Track and Field team, he enjoys playing soccer, skiing, biking, hiking, and spending time with friends.