Baylor University Summer Storage and Shipping

Here's our answer to your stress free move-out: College Truckers of Baylor is staffed by Baylor Students. A team of your fellow classmates will deliver boxes for packing, come straight to your door to pick up all of your belongings and store everything in a local climate controlled unit. Items you need sent home will be shipped for you. When you come back to school at the end of the summer or fall, the same great team of Baylor students will simply re-deliver all of your storage to your new address.



Meet our Baylor Partners

Baylor Cuinn Alexander   EDIT2.jpg

Cuinn Alexander

Cuinn is enrolled in the Honors College at Baylor University studying finance and accounting. He was born and raised in Texas, and enjoys backpacking, camping, wakeboarding, and Korean language.

Baylor University Jack Pflug  EDIT2.jpg

Jack Pflug

Jack Pflug is a sophomore honors business student at Baylor University studying finance and entrepreneurship. Though he aspires to one day start a non-profit, Jack plans on beginning his career in high-finance. He is a captain of Baylor's Men's Lacrosse Club, and has been playing lacrosse for over 10 years. Having grown up overseas, Jack is also very interested in foreign cultures, to which he largely attributes his desire to be a life-long learner.