Colgate University Summer Storage and Shipping

Here's our answer to your stress free move-out: College Truckers of Colgate is staffed by Colgate Students. A team of your fellow classmates will deliver boxes for packing, come straight to your door to pick up all of your belongings and store everything in a local climate controlled unit. Items you need sent home will be shipped for you. When you come back to school at the end of the summer or fall, the same great team of Colgate students will simply re-deliver all of your storage to your new address.

Meet our Colgate Partners

Jeremy Harwin

Jeremy is a Junior from Mamaroneck, NY and majors in Chinese and Economics.  Having recently spent 4 months living in Shanghai and exploring all over Asia, Jeremy has not only developed his Chinese speaking abilities, but also his palette for the many fine cuisines Asia has to offer.  In his free time, you can find Jeremy struggling to learn guitar, tossing a disc with friends, or trying to find some authentic soup dumplings.  On campus, Jeremy loves co-hosting a weekly radio show called JamPham, check it out if you enjoy funk!  

Jake Schwartz

Jake is a junior from Bethesda, Maryland majoring in Economics and minoring in Spanish. Jake is an avid D.C. sports fan and enjoys working out, playing poker, and hanging out with friends in his free time.