College Truckers is proud to be Elon’s largest and only student-run storage and shipping company, serving the Elon community since 2015.

As one of our current partners graduates, we are looking for a Freshman or Sophomore to fill his spot on the leadership team.

Here’s an introduction to what we’re all about:

Gain Experience

  • Obtain real-world business experience in operations, marketing, supply chain management, HR, and more

  • Oversee a complex logistics network that plays an integral role for hundreds of Elon students and parents each year

  • Work to grow revenue and year-over-year profitability of a healthy young company

  • Join an experienced team of current Elon students

Earn Money

  • Projected pay for 2019 school year is $6,000 - $10,000 per Student Partner

  • Position is highly seasonal and significantly less than a full-time commitment


Follow this link to schedule a brief call with our CEO!