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Did you store your belongings with us over the summer? Let's get you signed up for a delivery time this fall! Just head over to our sign up page and pick a time that works for you.



Let's be real. Buying an appliance from Wal-Mart sucks. You have to pick it up, put it in your car, lug it up 3 flights of un-airconditioned stairs to your room, only to watch it break two months into school. If you happen to be one of the lucky few whose appliance makes it through the year, you have to worry about storage and doing it all over again next fall. Sounds pretty terrible, right?

We thought we'd save you all that trouble and just rent appliances instead. We'll deliver fridges (small, medium, or large) and microwaves to your room.  And oh yeah, if it breaks, or you just don't like it anymore, we'll bring you a brand new one for free. Almost sounds too good to be true.



We ship your boxes, trunks and suitcases for you to school. We'll send you as many boxes as you need and schedule the pick up for you right at your door. We will then either send this to your school address and if that is not possible have it delivered to our facilities and bring it to your door. 


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  1. Go to our sign up page

  2. Choose the service you want

  3. Enter in the pick up information

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