Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


+ How do I get packing supplies?

We'll deliver free boxes and tape to your door about a week before your pickup. Keep an eye out for an email from our team sometime in early April so we can coordinate a time!

+ Do I need to tell you how many items I have before my pickup?

We love surprises. And we hate inconveniences, such as trying to predict how much stuff you'll have weeks in advance. For these reasons, we'll never ask how much stuff you'll be moving with us ahead of time. It keeps things interesting!

+ What fits in a College Truckers box?

We spoke with some of our past customers to try and help you better understand the College Truckers box, and what one box can hold. Here is what we heard:

“The College Truckers box held 16 pairs of boots and shoes.”

“The College Truckers box fit all my bedding and toiletries (sheets, two comforters, towels and all my pillows!)”

“I was able to put a few lamps, a coffee machine, a fan and some other kitchen supplies all in 1 College Truckers box.”

“I fit my entire wardrobe into two College Truckers boxes, and I have a ton of clothes! In one box I put around 20 pairs of jeans all my leggings, winter jackets and some sweaters and shirts.”

"The College Truckers box fit my printer, dishes and winter coats!"

+ Is there a minimum/maximum number of items I can store or ship?

Nope! We'll happily pick up one item or 30. And trust me, we've seen everything in between.

+ What if something isn't on the pricing list?

While we try to keep a very thorough price list on the pricing page, sometimes we miss things. Give us a call at 646-553-4441 or shoot him an email at, and he'll get you a quote over the phone.

+ What happens to my deposit if I cancel?

We'll refund it to you just as fast as our finger muscles can hit "Refund." Why should you pay for something you don't use?

*The only exceptions are any deposits made after December or May 1st and cancelations after December or May 1st will not be refunded.

+ How and when will I be charged

We simply re-bill the credit card you used for your deposit, unless you request otherwise. The charge will show up on your statement within a couple weeks of your move out.

+ How will I know when the movers are coming?

When you sign up for the service, you'll choose a day and two hour window when you'd like us to come by your room. Our crew will call or text you to confirm that time the evening before your pickup.

+ Do I have to be in my room when you do my pickup?

Since we can't get into your room without somebody there (which is a good thing), we'll need somebody to let us in. If you can't be there, this can be a parent, roommate, etc. Just let us know this ahead of time so we know who to call when we arrive.


Storage Questions


+ How do I label my storage?

We just need enough information so we know what's yours. Every storage item should be labeled with the word "STORAGE," your name, and an item count. What's an item count? Great question. If you have nine storage items, label them 1/9, 2/9, 3/9, etc.

+ How do I get my storage back?

Since most people don't know their schedules at the time of their pickup, somebody from our team will reach out to you in July or during winter break to schedule a delivery date and time. Deliveries will be available leading up to the start of school, starting around when the dorms open on campus.

+ Is there another charge for storage delivery?

Nope! The price per item includes the pickup, the storage, and the delivery to your new digs.

+ What happens if I need my storage mid summer?

Unfortunately, we're not generally able to return items before our move in dates in August. It can create separation anxiety for the other items left in storage. Just kidding. We simply don't have the manpower during our off-season to deliver early.

+ Where is everything stored?

We contract with secure, climate-controlled storage facilities in the same metro area as every school where we operate. This means your stuff never travels too far, and we get to pump money back into the local economy.


Shipping Questions


+ How do I label my shipping?

It's easy! All we need you to do is to label each item with the word "SHIPPING," your name, your home address (make sure to let us know if this is different than the address you signed up with), and an item count. What's an item count? If you have nine storage items, label them 1/9, 2/9, 3/9, etc.

+ How long will it take for my shipping to arrive home?

In order to offer the best possible rates, we normally ship items out via ground shipping. Transit time is 3-6 days on ground shipments. Need your items sooner? Give us a call at 646-553-4441 or shoot us an email at, and he'll be happy to discuss expiditing options with you. Items are not shipped out until after move-out or move-in season has ended.