Indiana University Summer Storage and Shipping

Here's our answer to your stress free move-out: College Truckers of Indiana University is run by Indiana University Students. A team of your fellow classmates will deliver boxes for packing, come straight to your door to pick up all of your belongings and store everything in a local climate controlled unit. Items you need sent home will be shipped for you. When you come back to school at the end of the summer or fall, the same great team of Indiana University students will simply re-deliver all of your storage to your new address.

Meet our Indiana University Partner

Babson College Likita Bavigadda.jpg

Tucker Walden

Tucker is a Junior at Indiana University studying Informatics with a focus in Human-Centered Computing. When Tucker is not studying he loves hanging out with friends, playing videos games, and listening to music.

Indiana University     Zain Yaqub.jpg

Zain Yaqub

Zain is an entrepreneur at heart! He has started several companies before coming to College Truckers, including a marketing agency called Smart Media Management, where he helps small businesses get more customers with website design, social media marketing, and lead generation. He is also a former TEDx speaker, VP of a music-business club at IU, and in his free time, he likes to work out and watch NFL football.