Summer Storage Pricing

We can store absolutely anything, but here's a list of the items we see most frequently and the size they are classified as and priced at. If you don't see what you're looking for just shoot us an email and we'll give you a quote. Note that our pricing is listed per box/item, per month, and that we consider the summer term four months.

Our Medium College Truckers boxes (24 x 18 x 16") are delivered free of cost before move out. You can request as many as you want, we'll pick up the extras when you’re finished packing up (unreturned boxes cost $5/per box). If you’re having trouble deciding how many of the College Truckers boxes you’ll need, see what our past customers have said on the FAQ page under "What fits in a College Truckers Medium box?" All other boxes and items on this list are provided by you! Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Storage cannot be removed from storage during the summer unless special arrangements have been made with customer service beforehand.

X Small 


Extra Small Plastic Containers







Small Box,Plastic Bin, Small Suitcase    <3.5 ft3

Small Refrigerator 1.8 - 2.7 ft3






Box,Plastic Bin, Medium Suitcase   3.5-4.5 ft3

Medium Refrigerator 2.7-4.0 ft3

Filled Trash Bag

Mattress Topper

TV < 52''

Desk Hutch




Box, Plastic Bin, Large Suitcase       4.5-6.0 ft3


Camp Duffle

Large Refrigerator 4.0-5.0 ft3

Desk Chair

Desk Hutch

Small Dresser

TV > 52''


X Large



Box Spring

Large Dresser

Futon Frame

Futon Mattress

Book Case






Email/Call for Estimates

Large Furniture


Love Seat

Headboard & Large Bed Frame




$5/Month Items : Poster Tube, Art Portfolio, Unreturned College Truckers Box

Up to $100 charge for Out of Season Moves

Additional Insurance

$30 covers $500 Additional Insurance

$60 covers $1000 Additional Insurance

$90 covers $1500 Additional Insurance



Packages 15 lbs or less $25                       Packages over 15 lbs $1.85 per lbs

International rates differ, please contact us for more information on this.