Our Services

Study abroad storage and shipping

This is our flagship service. We know moving out of your room before heading overseas is the only bad thing about going abroad, and we want to change that. We can pick up on or off campus, at a time that works for you. After you sign up, we'll:

  • Provide you with your free packing supplies

  • Come back at the time of your choosing to pick up all of your things

  • Store what you don't need until next semester

  • Ship home whatever you'd like to take with you abroad


Housing move

Besides offering storage and shipping services, we're happy to do housing moves if you need to move your things to a new place. We offer this service throughout the year, so when the time comes, we can handle all the heavy lifting. We'll send you as many movers as you need, all you have to do is pack your room up. Just head over to our sign up page, enter in the pick up information, and we'll make the move effortless.

Our Logistics

Our Storage Facilities

We partner with secure, high-end storage facilities in every metro area where we operate. This means your things never travel too far, which is good for both of us. We vet our storage partners carefully, and will only work with them if we're sure they're as committed to quality as we are. Curious about exactly where your items are going to be stored? Feel free to contact us and we'll get you some more information. 


We partner with FedEx to handle all of our shipping. Because of our high shipping volume, we get deep discounts on our shipping rates––discounts that we pass along directly to you. Our goal is to price shipping so that it costs our customers no more to ship through us than it would be to walk into a store, buy packing materials, and ship your things yourself. Whether home is Boston or Beijing, we'll get your packages there safely at an honest price. 

Packing Supplies

When we say we're full service, we mean it. That's why we deliver free, high quality boxes and tape to your dorm room or apartment in the weeks before your pickup. We're happy to supply an unlimited number of boxes, so just let us know how many you think you'll need and we'll bring them by at a pre-arranged time. 

Why choose us?

We're a full service storage and shipping company with years of experience in the college storage business. We're on call around the clock, and believe that every customer should feel like our only customer. Give us a try, and see the difference.


Signing Up

How to Sign Up:

  1. Go to our sign up page

  2. Choose the service you want

  3. Enter in the pick up information

Still have questions?

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