This is our way of giving back to the hard working college students who make our business possible.

Last year we gave $2,500 to Esmeralda Terrazas, a young woman from a small town in Mexico. Even though it was drilled into Esmeralda’s head that as a woman, she would never amount to more than household duties, she still was able to achieve her goal of studying in an American university. We asked her why she “keeps on truckin,’” and her response was, “I was the salutatorian of my graduating class and got accepted into more than ten universities, each one offering me a scholarship. Even though I come from a small town that once told me to stay in the kitchen, I never stopped working hard to be the college student that I am today.” We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors Esmeralda, and hope you never stop truckin’.

This year we are giving out a $2,000 scholarship to another hard working student. We want to hear your story about what keeps you truckin’, why, and how.