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 Appliance Rentals

Standing in line to buy an appliance from Walmart is a pain. You have to pick it up, put it in your car, lug it up three flights of un-airconditioned stairs to your room, only to watch it break two months into school. If you happen to be one of the lucky few whose appliance makes it through the year, you have to worry about storing it for the summer and doing it all over again next fall. Sounds pretty terrible, right?

We thought we'd save you all that trouble by offering appliance rentals. We'll deliver a fridge and microwave right to your room before classes start. If it breaks or stops working for any reason, we'll bring you a brand new one for free. And when the end of the year rolls around, we’ll swing by to pick it up. It’s that easy.

You rent it_Grey-01.png

You rent it

You choose what appliances you want to rent from us.

We deliver it_Grey-01.png

We deliver it

We’ll come straight to your door and deliver your rentals.

We pick it up_Grey-01.png

We pick it up

We’ll come straight to your door and pick your rentals up.


 Home to School

We want to make extra baggage fees or overstuffed trunks obsolete. Register for our Home to School Shipping service and we’ll send you boxes to pack up, email you prepaid shipping labels, schedule a FedEx pickup right from your home, and then receive your boxes and suitcases at our climate-controlled facility near campus. When you’re ready for them, our student workers will deliver them straight to your door before classes begin.

We arrange a pickup-01.png

We arrange a pickup

We send FedEx to your door.

We ship it-01.png

We ship it

We’ll ship what you need back to school.

We deliver it-01.png

We deliver it

We’ll come straight to your door and deliver your rentals.


eCommerce Delivery

Skip the long lines in the mailroom and have those new sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond sent to us instead. Simply register for this service with the link below, and we’ll send you the shipping address to enter at checkout. We’ll receive your packages at a secure, climate-controlled facility near campus and hold on to them for you until you’re all settled in. Our student workers will then bring them right to your door at the time of your choosing.

You shop online_Grey-01.png

You shop online

Send your purchases to us.

We keep your packages_Grey-01.png

We keep your packages

We hold your things in our mailbox until you're ready for them.

We deliver it_Grey-01.png

We deliver it

We come straight to your door and deliver your items.

We keep your packages-01.png

Storage Return

Did you store your belongings with us over the summer? Let's get you signed up for delivery this fall. Just head over to our sign up page and pick a time that works for you.


How to Sign Up


Go to our sign up page


Choose the service you want


Fill out the form and pay the deposit


 Still have questions?

We're always open, so feel free to give us a shout anytime by phone, email, tweet, Facebook Message, BBM, telegram, or carrier pigeon. We want you to think of us as your 24/7 concierge.

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Chat it up over the phone