Skidmore College Summer Storage and Shipping

Here's our answer to your stress free move-out: College Truckers of Skidmore College is staffed by Skidmore College Students. A team of your fellow classmates will deliver boxes for packing, come straight to your door to pick up all of your belongings and store everything in a local climate controlled unit. Items you need sent home will be shipped for you. When you come back to school at the end of the summer or fall, the same great team of Skidmore College students will simply re-deliver all of your storage to your new address.

Meet our Skidmore College Partner

Skidmore College Andrea Sumrall 2.png

Andrea Sumrall

Andrea is business student at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. She's a Brooklyn native, a lover of all things music, and a self-professed francophile. You can catch her on at the campus radio station or hanging with the French club.


Michael Taben

Currently, Michael enjoys his marvelous abroad experience; he either visits museums for cultural immersion or relaxes by a scenic spot for self-reflection. Michael is an avid sports fan, he watches the New York Rangers year-round. After the hockey season ends, the mental challenge of golf piques his tenacious competitive edge. Off the course, he follows the New York and London Stock exchange for possible developing news.