Terms & Conditions


This Agreement contains the complete terms and conditions under which College Truckers, LLC. ("CT") provides services to the Customer.

Storage Services

Storage Services shall include the pickup, transportation, storage, and delivery of the Customer's possessions. The Customer shall present pre-packed personal goods to CT at the time of pickup. CT shall transport these goods to an appropriate storage facility chosen at the sole discretion of CT. CT will return the goods to the Customer during dates and times established by CT by considering school and dormitory schedules. This information will be provided to customers during the summer. Customer agrees to be present during the pick up and drop off to receive the goods at the specified delivery date, time, and location.

The Customer understands access to goods in storage is not permitted after the pick up of their items. Customers will not have access to items during the summer vacation period and winter vacation period. This service is non-refundable and items cannot be taken out of storage or thrown away once they have been picked up to reduce cost. If the items must be delivered prior to the specified delivery dates and College Truckers can make these arrangements, there will be a minimum of a $100 additional fee applied. If items need to be delivered earlier, the four month price term will still apply.

Changes to the previously scheduled delivery date or location must be communicated by the Customer to CT at least 7 days prior to the earlier of the originally scheduled delivery date and the new delivery date. Changes made within 7 days of delivery are not guaranteed. An additional fee may be assessed as per the Pricing section below.

Shipping Services

CT shall act only as an intermediary for the receipt and forwarding of the Customer's shipping items to the CT-designated shipping carrier ("Carrier"). The Customer agrees to provide the shipping address upon sign up and also place this same address onto the shipping item. CT will pickup and transport the shipping items to the Carrier. The Carrier will deliver the items to the address specified from the sign up page. If this address has changed the customer is required to tell us prior to the pick up. Customers should expect items to be shipped out within 14 business days after their pickup. Concerning the Customer's shipping items, CT assumes no liability for the failure to make any specified delivery time or for the successful completion of delivery of the items or the contents thereof. Customers using the CT  shipping service must process claims directly with the shipping carrier as per terms outlined in the Insurance sections below. 

Move-In Shipping Services

CT shall act only as an intermediary for the receipt and forwarding of the Customer's shipping items to the CT-designated shipping carrier ("Carrier"). CT will schedule a pickup from the customers home, the customer will need to be available on this date or leave the items outside in an easy place for the items to be picked up. CT is not responsible if the Carrier does not come on this date due to Carrier, but will help with a reschedule. CT will transport shipment directly to customers door. CT will not reimburse for late deliveries due to Carrier shipping, traffic or other delays that may take place on campus. Concerning the Customer's shipping items, CT assumes no liability for the failure to make any specified delivery time or for the successful completion of delivery of the items or the contents thereof. CT will inspect incoming packages for damage to the exterior packaging only. CT will not be responsible for any damages sustained during shipping to the warehouse. Customers using the CT move-in shipping service must process claims directly with the shipping carrier as per terms outlined in the Insurance sections below. Customers using a shipping service other than the CT move-in shipping service must contact their own carrier for insurance claim information.

Supply Distribution

CT will make available boxes and other packing supplies approximately one-two week prior to the commencement of the school move out week. CT will notify the Customer in advance of the dates, times, and locations where the supplies can be obtained. It is the responsibility of the Customer to make arrangements to pick up the supplies during the times specified. While CT will use its best efforts, it does not guarantee that adequate supplies will be available to meet the Customer's needs.

Customers must return all supplies not used through College Truckers and the Customer hereby authorizes CT to charge their credit card or bank account for the price of the supplies taken by the Customer that are not used. CT boxes will be charged at $5 per box and each roll of tape will also be charged at $5.

Customers who sign up after Box distribution emails have been sent which will be approximately two week prior to the first day of move out will need to make other supply arrangements. CT will not be responsbile for distributing supplies beyond the normal delivery schedule to accommodate last minute sign ups. 


The Customer recognizes that CT will not be held liable for damage to their belongings after delivery has occurred. In the event that the Customer is not present during their scheduled delivery date and time, College Truckers representatives will leave their belongings outside their room and CT's liability for the Customer's belongings will cease. If absent during delivery, the signature of the CT's employee making the delivery will evidence the delivery of the Customer's items in good condition.

The Customer recognizes that only loss or damage caused by the negligence of CT will be covered by the CT insurance policy, as described in these Terms and Conditions. Only physical damage to the exterior of the item will activate any insurance claim on the item.

Payment for lost items will only go into place is the item is listed on the invoice. Payment for lost items will only be within our insurance guidelines. 

CT Service Guarantee

Concerning the Customer's shipping items, CT assumes no liability for the failure to make any specified delivery time or for the successful completion of delivery of the items or the contents thereof.

CT guarantees on-schedule pickup of shipping and storage items and delivery of storage items. CT will provide the Customer with a maximum window of four hours during which pickup or delivery will occur. In the event CT fails to arrive to pickup or deliver the Customer's goods during the specified time window, CT can issue a credit equal to 10% of the total price of the Customer's order, subject to the conditions below:

1.     The Customer was present in residence and answering phone calls throughout the applicable four-hour window. 

2.     In the case of pickup, the Customer has all packages packed, labeled, and prepared for pickup prior to CT's arrival.

3.     In the case of the delivery of stored goods, the Customer has correctly labeled each of their packages with their name.

4.     CT is notified in writing or by telephone of a service failure within seven calendar days from the date of the scheduled pickup or delivery.

5.     The guarantee does not apply if the failure to perform within the pickup or delivery window is due to causes beyond CT's control including, but not limited to, the following: the unavailability or refusal of a person to accept delivery of the stored items; acts of God; public authorities acting with actual or apparent authority on the premises; acts or omissions of police or similar authorities; riots, strikes, or other labor disputes; civil commotions; disruptions in ground transportation networks, such as weather phenomena; and natural disasters.

Commodities Handled and Restrictions on Service

Since CT will act as an intermediary for our Shipping Carrier, the Customer must be advised that our Carrier holds itself out to transport general commodities, as usually defined, subject to the restrictions that are available at their Web site. The Customer agrees to familiarize themselves with the Carrier's restrictions prior to packing their articles for shipping.

CT provides storage services subject to a number of restrictions. The Customer accepts full responsibility and liability for any damages or losses that result from the Customer's failure to adhere to these service restrictions. No storage service shall be rendered:

1.     In the case of articles of unusual value, or of single packages having a value of more than $1,000 (U.S), or of collective packages having a value of more than $6,000 (U.S.) plus $100 (U.S.) per package.

2.     For items containing valuables such as jewelry & collectibles.

3.     For hazardous materials and firearms.

4.     For any items that are prohibited by law or regulations of any federal, state, provincial, or local government in the U.S.

5.     For the transportation and storage of articles prohibited by CT's logistics vendors, a complete list of which is available on the CT Web site.

CT will not store or ship packages containing liquids, and the Customer acknowledges that they are liable for any damage their storage contents may inflict on the property of others.

CT reserves the right to refuse any package which by reason of the dangerous or other character of its contents is liable, in the judgment of CT, to soil, taint, or otherwise damage other merchandise or equipment, or which is economically or operationally impractical to transport, or which is improperly packed or wrapped. CT reserves the right to open and inspect any package tendered to it for storage or shipping.

Packing Tips

The Customer acknowledges reading and accepting the terms of the CT Packing Tips as found on the CT Web site and agrees that the safe packing of items is the sole responsibility of the Customer. For shipping items, the Customer acknowledges that they have reviewed the Carrier's packaging standards for shock, vibration & compression, which are available at the Carrier's Web site.

Unlabeled and mislabeled items may result in an extra fee of $30. CT is not responsible for unlabeled or mislabeled items.

Appliance Rentals

Return Policy and Refunds: A full refund can be provided  if College Truckers is notified 7 days before the delivery of the items. 

If the item is damaged the appliance can also be refunded up to 2 days after the deliver of the appliance.

CT is not required to refund the customer's appliance deposit in the following situations:

1.     If the appliance is returned damaged or broken by the customer

2.     If the appliance is returned dirty or without being defrosted and wiped down by the customer

3.     If the appliance is returned in noticeably worse condition than it is received by the customer

Payment for Services

The Customer agrees to pay the total cost of the services provided by CT based on the number and type of items tendered to CT at the time of pickup, the exact services to be provided, and the prices contained on the CT web site. The Customer further agrees to pay any applicable fees as specified in the Pricing section.

The Customer agrees to pay a deposit by credit card or e-check to ensure proper credit for billing purposes and to reserve space for our services. Deposits after April 25th are non refundable.The deposit will be refunded in full in the event that CT is unable to perform the services for the Customer for any reason other than the Customer's willful acts to void the contract.

All charges for services are due and payable immediately following the pickup of the Customer's possessions. All accounts must be paid by credit card, paypal, venmo or e-check following pickup. The Customer hereby authorizes CT to charge the Customer-provided credit card or bank account for the balance owing for the services rendered and any additional fees after deducting the initial deposit.

Checks or cash are not accepted on the day of pickup and should not be given to CT representatives under any circumstance.

The Customer acknowledges that they remain indebted to CT for any balance owed on their account as a result of invalid credit card or e-check information, CT's inability to receive credit card or e-check charge authorizations, or for any other reason which prevents CT from being paid for the services and any additional fees. If the Customer has failed to pay the charges for the services or any additional fees prior to the date of scheduled delivery of stored packages, CT reserves the right to hold the Customer's possessions until payment has been received in full. The Customer acknowledges that their failure to pay their account in full prior to the delivery date could result in a change in the delivery date and the assessment of additional fees.


Pricing for the services shall be in accordance with the pricing schedule contained on the CT Web site. In addition, CT will charge and the Customer will pay additional fees as described in this section. The purpose of the additional fees is to compensate CT for expenses it incurs beyond those associated with the provision of services according to standard procedures. Additional Fees may be, at the discretion of CT, charged for the following, as explained in the sections of this Agreement: Multiple attempt of pick up- $50, Redelivery After Failed Attempt - $50, Pick-Up or Delivery Outside Standard Dates - up to $100, Late Change of Delivery Day or Location - $30, Late Billing Fee (after net-30) - $15, Unreturned boxes and/or tape - $5 each, uncleaned and not defrosted appliances - $30, Extra-heavy boxes(over 50lb) - $30, Unlabeled or mislabeled boxes - $30, Additional Abandonment Fees - Costs incurred when storage items are not claimed by the Customer.

Use of Independent Agents

CT uses vendors and other agents in performing the services for the Customer. The Customer acknowledges the use of these parties and the fact that the Customer has no contractual relationship with these parties.

Insurance - Coverage Available

CT automatically protects each CT storage box against loss or damage up to a value of $100. Unless the Customer purchases additional insurance from CT, the Customer agrees that the released value of each package is no greater than $100 and that CT's liability is limited to $100.

CT's insurance coverage is restricted to boxes or items that are otherwise enclosed in secure packaging, such as plastic storage bins with secure closing mechanisms. CT does not insure loose, unboxed or unpackaged items, such as electronics, laundry bins, or furniture. 

CT will take it, but they may break it:

  • Bubble wrap and box all breakable items

  • Furniture should be broken down and bubbled wrapped if breakable

  • TV's should be bubble wrapped and boxed (CT does not supply bubble wrap or TV boxes)

  • Mattresses should be put into a protective covering

  • Mattress pads should be boxed or put placed in a bag.

To the extent that the Customer does not obtain insurance coverage for the full value of their personal property stored or shipped with CT, the Customer hereby agrees to assume all risk of loss, including damage or loss by burglary, fire, vandalism or vermin. CT and CT's agents, affiliates, authorized representatives and employees will not be responsible for, and the Customer hereby releases from, any loss, liability, claim, expense, damage to property or injury to persons that could have been insured (including without limitation any loss arising from the active or passive acts, omission or negligence of CT or its agents, affiliates, authorized representatives and employees).

CT strongly recommends the purchase of additional insurance in cases where the replacement value of the Customer's possessions exceeds $100 per package. Additional insurance is available at the rate specified in the pricing schedule contained on the CT Web site. The maximum amount of additional insurance is $1500 for the aggregate of the storage items.

To purchase additional storage insurance, the Customer must:

1.     Indicate the amount of additional insurance desired at the time of pickup.

2.     Confirm that insurance coverage has in fact been placed by reviewing the bill for services they receive from CT and notifying CT of any omission or error within 10 days of the bill being handed to or emailed to you.

Insurance - Coverage Description

For shipping items, please refer to our Shipping Carrier's Web site to obtain complete information on their insurance provisions.

The basic and additional insurance for stored items provides coverage against damage or loss of the Customer's stored packages. The insurance does not cover:

1.     Jewelry, coins, and collectables.

2.     Cash.

3.     Damage to electronic equipment if there is no evidence of physical damage or breakage to the packaging container.

4.     Items of intangible value.

5.     Extremely fragile items (e.g. mirrors).

6.     Improperly packed items.

7.     Concealed damage.

8.     Unpacked items, including furniture that is not wrapped and protected.

9.     Minor damage due to normal handling (including, but not limited to scratches, nicks, & cuts).

10.  Any damage caused by force majeure.

11.  Damage to storage containers (e.g. boxes, trunks, etc.).

12.  Damages due to natural disasters, and any and all loss or damages occurring while the items are not in the possession of CT.

13.  Damages caused to particle board and assembled furniture.

Damaged items must have evidence of physical damage to the exterior packaging of the item. CT cannot be held liable for concealed damage to items within a carton, trunk, or other casing without physical damage to the exterior of the package.

The Customer acknowledges that they are liable for any damage their storage contents may inflict on the property of others.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, CT's maximum liability for any damage, loss, cost, or expense incurred as a result of any storage by CT is limited by the terms included in this Agreement. All insurance coverage is expressly limited to the period in which the Customer's possessions are in the actual care and custody of CT.

Insurance Claims

The Customer agrees to first claim any loss against any insurance carried by the Customer or the Customer's parents, if available. The Customer will make claims against CT only after exhausting other areas of coverage.

In the case of damage to stored packages, any damaged cartons must be inspected in the presence of a CT representative at the time of delivery to confirm damage. All damaged boxes must be opened at the time of delivery, at which time the CT representative will document the damage. For loss of stored packages, the Customer must notify the CT representative of the loss at the time of delivery of the other packages and sign the delivery receipt amended for the lost package. The missing items must be noted on the form and signed off by the CT representative.

If the customer is not present during the time of delivery, the condition notes recorded on the contract, if any, will determine the existence and extent of damage or loss.

Claims for loss of, or damage to, the Customer's property must be filed with CT by requesting a claims form from CT. Claims shall be deemed waived if not filed within 14 days following delivery of the damaged package or, in the case of lost items, within 14 days following the scheduled delivery of the missing item. Upon receipt of a completed Claim Form and any required documentation, CT will process the claim and issue a formal reply to the Customer within 30 days of receipt of the Claim Form and documentation. CT will pay the lesser of the following claim amounts:

1.     The cost of reasonably restoring the property to its condition immediately before the move (applies only in the case of damaged items).

2.     The actual replacement value of the property.

3.     The amount of insurance on the package or item, which is:

1.     $100 if no additional insurance was purchased, or

2.     The lesser of:

1.     $1500 (the maximum umbrella coverage) or

2.     The amount of additional insurance the Customer purchased plus the $100 of free insurance

It is hereby expressly agreed that CT shall have no liability if any claim is denied or paid in part by the Shipping Carrier or insurance company.


Without limiting the right of CT to conclude for other reasons that the Customer will not be returning to school, the Customer agrees that their failure to be present on the scheduled delivery day and their failure to communicate with CT concerning an alternate delivery arrangement constitutes abandonment of their stored possessions.

Under abandonment of their possessions, the Customer agrees to pay CT for all charges and fees relating to the failed delivery and further shipping of the possessions to the permanent address provided by the Customer at the time of registration. CT has the right to assume ownership of the abandoned property on December 30th of the service year.


Except as specifically provided in this Agreement, the Customer waives any claims for damage or loss of any article against CT and its employees. The Customer expressly releases and holds CT, and its agents and employees harmless from any and all costs of processing any claim or defending any claim arising from this Agreement. The Customer expressly acknowledges that CT is not a professional storer, mover or common carrier and waives the right to hold CT to any laws or standards governing storers, movers or carriers.

Applicable Law

This Agreement shall be governed, interpreted, and construed according to the law of the State of Delaware. The Customer agrees that any court action pertaining to this agreement shall be conducted in courts in the State of Delaware.

Privacy Policy

College Truckers promises not to sell or distribute your information to anyone where it is not related to the operations of College Truckers.

Text Messaging Communications

The Customer expressly consents to receive non-marketing and marketing text messages from College Truckers LLC. and others texting on its behalf. Examples of such messaging may include pick up and drop off communication, customer service survey questionnaires, College Truckers market service opportunities and others. The Customer may opt-out of these communications at any time.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

If you cancel your service within two weeks of your scheduled pick up, we will not refund your full $10 deposit. 

It is not CT's responsibility to come collect supplies from customers who cancel after receiving boxes and tape. Customers will need to return boxes themselves or they will be charges for supplies.

Entire Agreement

The Customer acknowledges that there are no representations, warranties, or Agreements by or between the parties which are not fully set forth herein and no representative of CT or CT's agents is authorized to make any representations, warranties, or Agreements other than as expressly set forth herein. This Agreement may only be amended by a writing signed by the parties.